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How To Convert 2D Monitor Into 3D Monitor
Published By hp599gt on 2012-06-03 1614 Views

I am sure all the users who are currently reading my column are excited to know about converting your normal 2D desktop monitor into full 3D viewing experience. Users who are 3D T.V fans know already that 3D T.Vs are very extremely Costly thus making the large holes in your pocket. And many people’s can’t afford this much money for enjoying 3D viewing experiences. Now for those people’s, I will tell you solution that is not too much pricy and can be affordable for many of us.

Now for converting your normal monitor in 3D, there is external glass screen that fits on your monitor is available in market today. You can enjoy 3D content, 3D gaming with this stuff with real 3D experience. This external glass screen comes with is special software. You can buy this pack of external glass screen and its software for Rs.19, 500 (approx. $350). I think price tag is not too pricy for many of us. This external glass screen is easily compatible with 17 inch to 22 inch monitor screen. I think for gamers and 3D movies fans, this news will be happy moment of their life. Especially for hardcore gamers this price is very cheaper to afford. I think many of us are going to buy this product or thinking to buy later. And for me, I am going to buy this 2D to 3D converter from the money which I will generate from experts column.

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